Florida SB106 Petition

Governor Scott–as your constituents–we urge you to sign S.B. 106 into law so that Florida’s out-of-date liquor laws can give way to a more competitive market and meet changing consumer demand.

Florida won’t be the first state to make such an update to its laws. In 29 other states, grocery stores and big box retailers are able to sell liquor on the same shelves with beer and wine.

While some argue that traditional liquor stores will be hurt by this law, evidence from other states shows otherwise. In Seattle liquor stores have a 14 percent higher sales rate, despite the fact that consumers have the choice to purchase liquor at grocery stores as well.

Critics of the bill stoke fears about increased access to liquor by minors as reason to veto the bill, but that fear is unfounded.  Proactive steps are already being taken to ensure that underage purchases do not occur. These include state of the art compliance and security measures, single-use bottles being secured behind a counter, and managerial oversight of sales involving liquor. In fact, this bill specifically requires anyone who completes the sale of alcohol in Florida to be 18 or older.

This bill is about supporting the free market and promoting consumer choice and convenience.

Governor Scott, we the undersigned urge you to sign S.B. 106 into law.