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Good For Your Head

During this relaxed holiday week, your time would be well spent logging on to NPR’s site and listening to a great discussion on genetically improved foods. Scientist C.S. Prakash is particularly enlightening and effective in dispelling the anti-biotech rhetoric. (Third World Countries & Genetically Modified Crops)
Posted December 28, 2000 at12:00 am

Silly Science

Opponents of genetically improved foods point to dead monarch butterflies, killer potatoes, allergenic soy beans, and superbugs. The Times of London's Mark Henderson dispels these myths and the "science" behind them.
Posted December 14, 2000 at12:00 am

Environmental Concern Or Marketing Plan?

Greenpeace's unwarranted genetically improved foods fear mongering has so upset consumers that many of them will buy only organic food products. Greenpeace is stepping in to fill the organic demand it created with its own line of organic products, on sale now in Brazil. Don't be surprised to see Greenpeace products on a supermarket shelf near you soon. ("Greenpeace to license organic products in Brazil," Agence France Presse, 12/12/00)
Posted December 13, 2000 at12:00 am

Little Or No Starlink Complications

Despite apocalyptic predictions from opponents of genetically improved foods, a panel of scientists has advised the Environmental Protection Agency that there is a "medium likelihood" that Starlink corn could cause allergic reactions in people and there is so little of the corn in the food supply that there is a "low probability" consumers could have developed allergies to it. The panel urged further study of the corn before it is approved for human consumption.
Posted December 6, 2000 at12:00 am

Yo Quiero Frankenfood

Forbes waxes eloquent on the benefits of genetically improved foods over organically grown foods.
Posted December 5, 2000 at12:00 am

AMA Says Biotech Food Safe

A study by the American Medical Association's (AMA) Council on Scientific Affairs on the safety of genetically improved foods concludes that the organization should "recognize the many potential benefits offered by genetically-modified crops and foods, not support a moratorium on planting genetically modified crops and encourage ongoing research developments in food biotechnology."
Posted December 4, 2000 at12:00 am

Stuck In Politics

The Sacramento Bee editorializes in support of genetically improved foods, specifically vitamin-A-enhanced "golden rice" which could save one to two million children's lives a year. "The researchers' golden rice is not a Frankenfood. It is a miracle of modern technology. It is those who seek to keep this rice locked away, because it doesn't fit their ideology about the evils of modern science, who are acting like monsters."
Posted December 1, 2000 at12:00 am

Mistaken Labels

Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman says "the trend is unstoppable toward more and more labeling" for genetically improved foods. Glickman says the only reason he isn't calling for mandatory labeling is "because we don't have any of the testing and threshold mechanisms, or would really know how to do it." Glickman seems not to realize that activists (and the organic food industry that backs them) declared that labeling has "nearly the same effect as a ban."
Posted November 28, 2000 at12:00 am

Fighting Famine With Biotechnology

George McGovern, former U.S. senator and current ambassador to the U.S. Mission of the United Nations Agencies for Food and Agriculture in Rome (also a big Consumer Freedom supporter), says genetically improved foods "must not be stymied by voices raised against the hypothetical, while real disease and starvation threaten millions of people."
Posted November 9, 2000 at12:00 am

Can’t Loose Marketing Scheme

Greenpeace UK president Peter Melchett has decided that since most of the English public is now terrified of genetically improved foods because of Greenpeace's activism, it is in his best interest to step down as Greenpeace president. Melchett is planning to capitalize on the fear he's created by selling the public organic foods from his farm.
Posted October 27, 2000 at12:00 am