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Hollywood Animal-Rights Vandals Join “PETA Kills Animals” Debate With Center for Consumer Freedom

Hollywood, CA — A billboard-sized dose of the truth from the Center for Consumer Freedom has struck a nerve with Hollywood animal rights activists. Last night a “” billboard located near Paramount Studios and erected by the Center in “dishonor” of PETA’s 25th anniversary was defaced with black spray-paint.

The vandalism may well have been retaliation for the unwanted birthday present the Center for Consumer Freedom gave PETA Saturday night at Paramount Studios. Using the same protest tactics that made PETA famous, Center for Consumer Freedom representatives took to the stage at PETA’s star-studded gala with banners reading “” when Pamela Anderson and Fred Willard were introduced as the event’s emcees. Outside Paramount, a dozen Center for Consumer Freedom supporters held signs and shouted “PETA Kills Animals” in a protest aimed at arriving celebrities.

“It’s sad that PETA supporters can’t handle the truth about this hypocritical group,” said Center for Consumer Freedom research director David Martosko. “Instead of finding loving homes for the homeless animals it receives, the self-righteous and holier-than-thou PETA kills 80 percent of them. PETA has a lot of explaining to do, especially to the celebrities who opened their wallets on Saturday.”

Documents obtained by the Center for Consumer Freedom from the Virginia State Veterinarian show that PETA has a long-standing practice of killing thousands of adoptable dogs and cats. Between 1998 and 2004, PETA put to death more than 12,400 domestic animals.

And next month two PETA employees will face 62 counts of felony animal-cruelty in a North Carolina courtroom. The pair was arrested at a shopping center on June 15, where police found 18 dead dogs—including seven very adoptable puppies—in a nearby dumpster, and 13 more dead animals in a PETA-owned van. Also in PETA’s van, police recovered a tackle box containing syringes and vials of the Ketamine and Pentobarbital, both Schedule III narcotics. Unlike veterinarians, neither of the PETA defendants is licensed to purchase or dispense these controlled substances.

Martosko continued: “PETA supporters can ignore their group’s massive pet-killing program and resort to vandalism, but all the black spray paint in the world won’t cover up the 12,400 animals PETA has killed. PETA’s donors deserve to know what their contributions are funding, so we’ll definitely be running more billboards like this.”

For photos of the “PETA Kills Animals” billboard, contact Andrew Porter at (202) 463-7112. For detailed information on PETA’s massive animal-killing program and the PETA arrests, visit

Founded in 1996, the Center for Consumer Freedom is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization devoted to promoting personal responsibility and protecting consumer choices. For more information, visit


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