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Have You Been Hooked By Mercury Hype?

Washington, DC – Concerned about misleading messages about mercury in fish floated by environmental groups and animal-rights organizations, the nonprofit Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) is striking back with its own message about the safety and benefits of fish consumption. In humorous radio ads running in New York City, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC, CCF lets listeners know who’s behind the hype.

Center for Consumer Freedom Director of Research David Martosko said: “Fish is a tremendously important and healthy part of our diet. But groups like Oceana, PETA, and the Center for Science in the Public Interest rely on a flawed understanding of science to scare Americans into avoiding fish. People who are truly concerned about their health should eat more fish, not less.”

The tongue-in-cheek ad plays as follows:

According to the latest study, you shouldn’t eat any fish. According to the latest study, all of those other studies that said fish is really good for you were conducted by brain-dead hippy scientists who smoked too much Jamaican ganja.

According to the latest study, all those kids in Japan who eat enough fish to choke a whale have been cheating to get those high math and science scores. If you do eat fish, the latest study claims you could grow gills or start responding to the name Flipper.

According to the latest study, fish contains bad things like belly button lint, old boots, and worst of all — other fish. According to the latest study, you shouldn’t try to catch fish for fear of hurting their feelings.

And, according to the latest study, you are a fish-faced idiot with an IQ lower than a tuna fish sandwich who will swallow the latest study hype, line, and sinker.

Want to know more about the blowfish trying to feed you these whoppers? Visit to see just how far they will go to control what you eat.

Listen to the radio ad, learn more about mercury hype, and try the Internet’s first realistic mercury-fish calculator
at .

Founded in 1996, the Center for Consumer Freedom is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization devoted to promoting personal responsibility and protecting consumer choices. For more information, visit


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