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CCF to Surgeon General: “Lay Off Santa”

WASHINGTON – The Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) today chided the U.S. Surgeon General for his ludicrous attack on Santa Claus. During a presentation on obesity at Boston’s Children’s Museum, Surgeon General Steven K. Galson said Santa should “slim down.” America’s top doctor made this comment while promoting what he terms “healthy lifestyles” as part of a larger campaign to combat obesity through government regulation.

This is just the most recent salvo in the politically correct war against Santa Claus and the Christmas holiday in general.

“It seems like the war on obesity has found a new enemy: Santa. This criticism is political correctness run amok,” said J. Justin Wilson, Senior Research Analyst at the Center for Consumer Freedom. “Santa’s time-honored tubbiness shouldn’t budge for a handful of nanny-state grinches who’d have us eating Tofurkey and tasteless cookies for Christmas dinner.”

And Surgeon General Galson’s focus on obesity may well be misguided. Yesterday, JAMA (the journal of the American Medical Association) reported that fitness, not fatness, is a better indicator of long-term health. Another recent JAMA study showed that overweight people have the lowest mortality rate of any weight group. And last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that obesity rates are leveling off.

“Christmas is a time for celebration, not castigation, Wilson added. “What’s next: Do Santa’s elves need union representation? Should we call PETA about his reindeer? Does Santa need a safety helmet and seatbelts?”

“And who’s next on Galson’s list of overweight characters? Because the Easter Bunny is looking a little pudgy as well.”

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