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Scare Campaign

(Washington) Reckless activists — including John Stauber, a national board member of the Organic Consumers Association — are already using the USDA’s mad-cow disease announcement as a hook to create panic over America’s food supply. Minutes after USDA Secretary Ann Veneman’s Tuesday news conference, Stauber declared on CNN: “My presumption is that mad cow disease is spread throughout North America … There are more cases. No doubt about it.”

The Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) focuses on radical activists like Stauber, who represent organic-food interests and aim to exert undue influence over Americans’ food choices.

“As early as 2001,” said CCF director of research David Martosko, “the Organic Consumers Association was openly hoping that an American mad-cow diagnosis would result in a British-style ‘crisis of confidence,’ spelling the end of ‘industrial agriculture.’ These activists are clearly hoping to drive U.S. shoppers away from the grocery meat counter and toward more expensive organic and so-called ‘natural’ options.”

Mr. Martosko is available for interview.

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