Press Release

Center for Consumer Freedom Exposes Antiquated State Law with Video and Full-Page Ad in The Capital Times

Washington D.C. – Today, the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) is running an advertising campaign to educate Wisconsin voters and legislators about an antiquated law called The Unfair Sales Act, which criminalizes steep sales in the state of Wisconsin and should be repealed. The campaign kicks off with a video and full-page advertisement in The Capital Times urging bargain lovers to tell their representatives to repeal the 1939 law. CCF is also having telegrams hand delivered to legislators, explaining that “The Unfair Sales Act is as outdated as communicating via telegram. It’s time to repeal the 1939 law that bans bargains and hurts consumers.”

View the full-page ad appearing in The Capital Times HERE.

View the 30-second video, which will be promoted on social media, HERE.

James Bowers, director of consumer advocacy at the Center for Consumer Freedom, issued the following statement:

The Unfair Sales Act is a relic of a time gone by. Today, the law keeps prices for staple goods like groceries, school supplies, and prescription drugs artificially high by criminalizing below-cost sales. The Unfair Sales Act amounts to a tax on consumers and Wisconsin families. Wisconsin’s consumers should know: the only thing unfair about big sales is the law that prevents them from happening.

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