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Undercover Investigator Speaks Out Against Humane Society of the United States


Washington, D.C.—Today, a project of the Center for Consumer Freedom, released a second video interview with a former undercover investigator for the animal liberation group Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

The investigator disputes the message pushed by HSUS, PETA, and other animal rights activists by saying that most farms today treat their animals humanely—even the unfairly activist-labeled “factory farms,” which he witnessed up close and in person.

According to the HSUS investigator:

  • “I think the notion that every farmer’s breaking the law and that there’s animal abuse on every farm is utterly ridiculous.”
  • “I think the police can do [undercover investigations] as well. You don’t need HSUS to do that.”
  • An HSUS employee who trained him said that most farmers are “retarded rednecks” and “shitheads.”

“As one of its own investigators reveals, HSUS has an anti-farm agenda,” said Will Coggin, director of research for “HSUS is a vegan organization that wants to shut down animal agriculture, and it cannot be trusted to objectively comment on modern farming practices.”

Previously, HumaneWatch released the investigator’s observations about working on pork farms, which HSUS has criticized for using individual maternity pens (IMPs), to safely house pregnant pigs. Mainstream veterinary groups support maternity pens as a humane housing option. However, HSUS has been lobbying legislators to ban these maternity pens and are pressuring food companies to only source pork from farms that use group housing of sows.

View that video HERE.

“HSUS has been cynically fighting laws that would require it to turn over footage of animal abuse to law enforcement within a reasonable time,” continued Coggin. “This whistleblower shows the need for such legislation, as HSUS cannot be trusted to operate objectively.”

The investigator requested anonymity out of fear of retaliation from HSUS. Learn more about HSUS’s agenda at

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