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Food Cops Want Dumbed-Down Labels

So-called traffic light labeling on food is nothing new, but it appears some Australians prefer to ignore common sense and push forward with this overly-simplistic food cop idea. The absurdity of labeling food products as…
PostedNovember 29, 2011 at12:00 am

Sugar Cops Sour on Cereal

For the amount of flack that “Big Food” takes from finger-wagging activists, here’s an interesting statistic: General Mills has increased its spending on health and wellness by 75%, The…
PostedOctober 11, 2011 at12:00 am

Food Scolding? There’s an App for That

Calorific, a new weight-management app developed by WorkSmart Labs, is not the first smartphone program for dieters. But it does score points for using sketchy science that’s unlikely…
PostedAugust 4, 2011 at12:00 am

Happy New Year from CCF!

It's almost New Year’s Eve, and that means it's time to ring in 2011. (Weren't we just worrying about the "Y2K bug"? How time flies.) If you're like us,…
PostedDecember 30, 2010 at12:00 am

Quote of the Week

This week brought an unusually high dose of food fascism and nutrition nannying. But it also gave us the sort of rare op-ed that had us nodding…
PostedDecember 10, 2010 at12:00 am

Developing Nations Rebuke Good Food, Bad Food Cops

When the United States objected to the World Health Organization’s global anti-obesity strategy and its call for fat taxes, nutritional puritans threw a fit. The U.S.
PostedFebruary 16, 2004 at12:00 am