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Legal Leaps Of Logic

A woman in Tennessee is suing McDonald’s because she claims she was permanently scared after a hot pickle fell on her chin. She’s seeking more than $110,000 for “physical and mental pain.” Her husband is seeking $15,000 because he “has been deprived of the services and consortium of his wife.”

As if that wasn’t enough to make you wonder about how the law works, Switzerland is preparing to give legal rights to animals similar to those given to children. Animals would stop being treated as possessions in divorce proceedings and, as with children, custody would be decided according to the animal’s best interests. Animals could be named as beneficiaries of wills and “sentimental value” could be considered when settling insurance claims. Pierre de Preux, head of the Geneva bar association, thinks “an animal could be a party in a court case” if the Swiss continue on this course.

As we’ve warned you before, the estate of your favorite cut of beef may someday see you in court, if your former “pet” dog doesn’t sue you first.

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