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There’s Something Fish Here

Fenton Communications, the group that brought you the thoroughly debunked Alar-on-apples scare and the unnecessary “Give Swordfish A Break!” campaign, is at it again. Fenton has brought together several of his clients to push people away from eating commercially harvested fish. As we told you a couple weeks ago, Chefs Collaborative and Environmental Defense (Fenton clients – see contact in their press release) have released a guide to “responsible fish procurement” written by Francine Stephens (member of Mothers & Others – a Fenton created group) and funded by the Packard Foundation (a Fenton client).

The direct beneficiary of the campaign seems to be a company called EcoFish (a sponsor of the new seafood guide). EcoFish, which has 6 Chefs Collaborative members and several other Fenton clients on its advisory board, promises, “Now fine chefs from around the country can have premium quality sustainably harvested seafood delivered direct to their restaurant’s door within 24 hours!” (That’s an interesting idea considering Chefs Collaborative insists people should use only local products.) Three Chefs Collaborative board members, Ann Cooper, Stan Frankenthaler, and Nora Pouillon even endorse the company in its press release!

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