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School food Nannies keep the scales balanced

The San Jose Mercury News reports that California senators have effectively scrapped a bill that would have outlawed soda machines in the state’s public schools, as well as any food that didn’t meet state-mandated requirements for fat and sugar content. The bill’s sponsor, Senator Maria Escutia (D), alleged that “the schools have made an unhealthy alliance with the soda industry and snack-food industry.” She also charged that her colleagues chose “profit at the expense of the health of our kids.”

“That argument is a load of crap,” fired back Brett McFadden, who represents the Association of California School Board Administrators. “To live with the mandates of [Escutia’s bill], we believe we would have had to take dollars out of the classroom. The fact that they can’t get funding, and still stick us with the bill so they can have a political and legislative victory, is morally wrong”

Sadly, while one faction of the Nanny Culture recedes into the background, another asserts itself. Half an ocean away, the state senate of Hawaii has passed a resolution asking the Hawaii Department of Education “to remove soda from softdrink vending machines in all public schools in favor of more nutritional drinks.”

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