Tone-Deaf on Terror

While many activists have toned down their rhetoric since September 11, a few animal rights zealots seem to be capitalizing on that day’s assault on America. Alex Hershaft, president of the Farm Animal Reform Movement, said this week: “Every day, 125 million innocent, sentient animals are dreadfully abused and butchered… These tragedies are perpetrated by a worldwide animal agricultural terrorist network that is much more threatening to planetary survival than [Osama bin Laden’s] Al Queda network…”

Hershaft seems tame compared to Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, which plans to “annihilate” its foes in New York City on October 1. In a press release, the group urges activists to converge “as NYC becomes the battleground to SMASH Huntington Life Sciences,” which researches crop production improvement and other issues. “On October 1 we will name, shame and annihilate” animal research supporters, the release says.

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