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Portioning Out Blame

That old Borscht Belt joke — “the food was awful, and such small portions!” — doesn’t mean much to Buffalo News writer Amy Pierce, who in a recent piece blasting restaurants on everything from noisy patrons to unattractive atmosphere, lambastes eateries for giving her too much food.

“You have to be extremely famished to devour everything on your gigantic plate,” she whines. “Restaurant portion sizes are grossly exaggerated and are usually too large for one’s preference. You end up feeling like an overstuffed Thanksgiving turkey. It’s no wonder there are such high cholesterol and obesity rates in our society.”

Pierce isn’t the only one who seems to want less for her money. A London [Ontario] Free Press article reports that “North Americans are eating more and nutrition experts say ballooning serving sizes are largely to blame.” One researcher even blames restaurants for harming patrons, arguing that “people eat more when presented with larger portions.”

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