PETA Makes The Paper

“Remember the ‘Got Prostate Cancer’ billboard of Rudy Giuliani,” part of PETA’s campaign against dairy products, The Wall Street Journal asks this morning. “Well, today the PETA folks find themselves on the other side of an advertising campaign. It comes from the Center for Consumer Freedom… The center has been running its own ads, featuring a pretty inflammatory weapon: PETA’s own words.”

The Journal shows our ad featuring a quote from PETA’s Bruce Friedrich, and notes our PETA challenge. “If that were all there was, this might all just be jolly good fun,” writes the Journal. But “PETA donated $1,500 to [the Earth Liberation Front] ‘to support their program activities,'” and “has used its tax-free dollars to support other advocates of violence, such as the $45,200 contribution it gave to the ‘support committee’ of Rodney Coronado, an arsonist who pleaded guilty to setting fire to a Michigan State University lab.”

For more on the truth about PETA, read our PETA profile at And to help us run more ads like these, click here.

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