PETA In The “Crossfire”

PETA president Ingrid Newkirk appeared on CNN’s “Crossfire” last week to promote the animal-rights movement’s “Great American Meat-Out,” which co-host Bill Press described as a day “when every true American eats strictly veggie, no beef, no chicken, no pork, no seafood and some would say, no fun.”

When co-host Tucker Carlson asked why PETA’s once-planned billboard mocking a 10-year-old boy’s loss of an arm in a shark attack as “revenge” should not be considered “hate speech,” Newkirk replied: “You have to get a sense of humor.” (Carlson later told Newkirk, “You say you’re pro-animal. It strikes me that you are anti-human.”) But viewers may have missed the latest PETA deception.

Carlson said that at a circus last spring, a PETA demonstrator harassed his four-year-old son. Newkirk said she doubted that ever happened, and claimed, “everything we do is based at adults”. Really? Last fall, PETA went to schools in Canada and distributed cards showing sickly children suffering ailments PETA claims are brought on by milk. Now the group is running an ad in a Wisconsin high school paper that alleges that dairy products cause acne.

Far worse, earlier this month PETA was denied permission to send an activist dressed as a corncob into a Houston elementary school to preach a medically dubious “vegan” diet to growing children. But PETA did not surrender. The group, which has given money to the FBI-certified terrorist group Earth Liberation Front, sent the school principal’s name to its supporters, and organized a rally “just off campus after school” — to shout propaganda at students as they leave school.

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