Accessories To Terror?

PETA’s web site compares the FBI-labeled terrorist group Animal Liberation Front (ALF) “to the French Resistance and the Underground Railroad,” Insight magazine reports. “PETA President Ingrid Newkirk says the groups have a moral right to their actions,” and defends PETA’s financial contributions to eco-terrorists. “She compared it to helping an orphanage run by al-Qaeda. ‘If you bought bricks for an orphanage that doesn’t mean you are doing anything that’s terroristic…’ Newkirk explains. ‘They are trying to wake up a sleeping public, in their own way.'”

Of course, President Bush has made it clear that terrorists and those who support them are morally indistinguishable, and Secretary of State Colin Powell has declared: “It’s not just a matter of going after the perpetrators, but it’s going after and dealing with the sources of support that they have.” With its $1,500 gift to the terrorist Earth Liberation Front (ELF), $5,000 to ALF criminal Josh Harper (who assaulted a police officer, among other acts), $2,000 to ALF spokesman David Wilson, and over $70,000 to ALF arsonist Rodney Coronado, PETA is a “source of support” for individuals and groups most unlike the Underground Railroad:

They set off time bombs and incendiary devices.
They destroy research facilities that save lives.
They run online eco-terror “training camps.”
They teach activists about “Setting Fires With Electrical Timers.”
They took credit for 137 “actions” in 2001 alone.

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