Kids Get Unethical Treatment

Last month on CNN, PETA’s Ingrid Newkirk denied that PETA directed its efforts at children, saying “everything we do is based at adults.” Of course, PETA has distributed cards showing sickly children suffering ailments PETA claims are brought on by milk, and organized a rally outside an elementary school after being denied permission to spread vegan propaganda inside.

But surely PETA hasn’t done these things since Newkirk said kids were off-limits, right? Wrong. The group is bragging about plans to screen an “explicit video at elementary schools” — a “graphic pig farm video” meant to make children less “keen on eating hot dogs, ham, [and] bacon.” Not allowed inside the schools, PETA members, accompanied by a giant pig holding a pro-vegetarian sign, will run the video outside the entrance of a Boston school this afternoon, just as kids are heading home.

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