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CSPI: From Nanny To NANA

The Center for Science in the Public Interest, the infamous activist group that wants “taxes on snack foods and soft drinks,” dubbed fettuccini Alfredo a “heart attack on a plate,” and has trashed Chinese food, popcorn, pizza, and many other popular dishes, may have a sense of humor after all. Or maybe CSPI’s just too accurate for its own good.

The nation’s top nanny group now wants us to call it NANA. Whether you read that as another name for Nanny, a step away from CSPI shaking its finger and saying “no no” to your favorite foods, or activists thumbing their nose at consumer freedom with a juvenile “nyah nyah,” it all amounts to the latest condescending attack on your intelligence.

CSPI, along with several other anti-consumer groups, has launched the National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity (NANA). The group’s first shocking revelation, in a report on “the hidden costs of supersizing“: If you order a larger meal, you get more calories! CSPI’s Margo Wootan says of American consumers: “They don’t realize just how many calories they are eating when they eat out.” Translation: CSPI thinks your appetite is too big, and your brain too small, to make decisions for yourself.

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