Terrorist Ties Could Make PETA Vulnerable

Hats off to Fox News for taking special notice this week of the very real connections between People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and violent radicals that the FBI considers “domestic terrorists.”

On the subject of PETA’s 2001 financial donation to the terrorist Earth Liberation Front (ELF), Fox quoted PETA communications director Lisa Lange: “We did it, we did it. We gave $1,500 to the ELF for a specific program.”

U.S. Rep. Scott McInnis (R-CO) has taken special notice of PETA’s situation, remarking recently that “there is a fine line between endorsing something in a speech and helping them [the ELF] financially. PETA got caught this time around.”

As farmers, dairy producers, and food processing companies become more aware of the threats arrayed against them, the news media is starting to understand the kind of danger represented by eco-terror, animal rights violence, and the above-ground support network that keeps the arsonists in new ski masks.

Sunday’s Richmond Times-Dispatch carried an editorial calling ELF “Al Quaeda Cousins” and noting that the group is now “threatening not merely property damage but bloodshed.” And today the editorial page of New Hampshire’s Manchester Union Leader calls for the IRS to revoke PETA’s tax-exemption as a result of what it calls “some of the most unethical tactics of any tax-exempt American advocacy group.” The Union Leader opines, and we agree, that “there should be no room for terrorism of any sort in American politics.”

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