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Quote of the Week

Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Art Carey takes no guff when it comes to cultural trends, and he notes with great dismay that “some food fascists” are trying to sue McDonald’s in order to “solve the problem” of obesity.

In Monday’s column, Carey opens up on this tactic with both barrels, calling it “another dismal example of the culture of victimhood, the abdication of personal responsibility.”

“You’re a waddling blimp not because you lack willpower and self-control but because a big bad corporation and its seductive advertising made you eat all those super-size french fries! Poor you. What next? Will the nutrition Nazis at the Center for Science in the Public Interest take Genuardi’s to court for selling Fruit Loops, Mountain Dew and Fritos?”

We’re keeping a copy of this tongue-in-cheek prediction on our office refrigerator, awaiting the day when Art Carey is recognized as the great prophet that he is.

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