Animal-Rights Zealots Want Your Children

We’ve told you about PETA’s penchant for accosting kids outside their schools, pushing to get their propaganda embraced in the classroom, and claiming that parents who feed their young’uns meat are child-abusers. And it’s no secret that the PETA-funded front group called PCRM (the “Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine”) is responsible for most of the vegetarian agitating in school lunch programs.

Now activists are targeting kids who visit the circus on school field trips. The following exchange, which occurred last week in a Yahoo animal-rights discussion group, is typical of the tactics being used to propagandize American children:

Neil wrote:

“Although I have not made any of the school performances, I would imagine it would be more difficult to distribute material than at normal public shows. The teachers must be cautious about what their students are receiving, and even more worried about how the student’s parents would react.”

Yes, it is very difficult and the cops make it even more difficult. However, they can’t stop us from having big banners and maybe megaphones. One way or another we should try to get the message to kids.

Neil wrote:

“Maybe next year, when Ringling comes to Hartford, we could make sure we ask each teacher or bus driver from which school the students came.”

You don’t have to ask. Usually the name of the school is right on the bus. Sometimes students wear labels too. We just need an extra activist with a pen and a notebook.


In addition, The Fund For Animals is sponsoring a “humane essay contest,” which asks kids in grades 2 through 12 to write a convincing argument for why circuses should be banned. And if you’re really motivated to take the animal rights crusade into the classroom, the Humane Society of the United States has sunk part of its $100 million nest egg into a partnership with Regis University in Colorado. The result: a graduate certificate program in “Humane and Environmental Studies,” intended for activists who want a Masters Degree in nonprofit management.

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