Animal Rights Roundup

It’s that time of year again, when feel-good news stories about turkey adoptions and supposedly “compassionate” animal activists clog the nation’s airwaves. The propaganda will likely get deep enough to shovel in hip-waders, so here’s a snapshot of what the worldwide movement for “total animal liberation” has really been up to lately:

On Monday, PETA “humane education lecturer” Gary Yourofsky delivered a speech at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas. Yourofsky told an audience of college students that they must become vegetarians. As forceful as this may seem, it pales in comparison to some of his other quotables, including his assertion that all American livestock producers should be “put on trial” for “acts of terrorism.” Yourofsky has advised fellow activists to “condone arson,” and once told a Toledo Blade reporter that he would “unequivocally support” the murder of scientific researchers who use animals in their work.

A sextet of activists with the violent animal rights group “SHAC” pleaded not guilty on Friday to multiple felonies in Boston, including an alleged threat to burn down the house of an insurance executive. Two other co-defendants failed to appear, reports the Associated Press, “because they are in jail in New York on similar charges.” A spokeswoman for the Massachusetts Attorney General summed up the moral of the story nicely: “In the name of protest, no one has the right to destroy property, threaten to burn down a home, or create an environment in which the victims reasonably felt their lives were in danger.”

The Scientist says that “animal rights activists are not going away, and [medical] researchers must prepare to be targeted.” The director of one primate research lab in Atlanta told the international news magazine: “We should all keep in mind that [the work of animal rights groups] is not directed toward the welfare of animals. It’s toward the abolition of the use of animals in any domain.”

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