Take That, Counselor!

To the hundreds of news articles that have been written about the pending fast-food lawsuit in New York, we add this tidbit. Don Gorske is a 49-year-old Wisconsin man who eats two Big Macs every day and drinks little else besides Coca-Cola. The Guinness Book of World Records certifies that he has eaten more Big Macs than anyone else in history.

The Associated Press notes that Gorske downed his 19,000th Big Mac a few weeks ago (he keeps track), proving “that foods you love don’t have to make you fat.” Gorske is 6 feet tall and weighs 180 pounds. We doubt he’ll appear on John Banzhaf’s witness list.

So far, the immodestly self-named Center for Science in the Public Interest hasn’t sued the Guinness Book for promoting such awful, irresponsible, life-threatening dietary behavior. If that shoe drops, we’ll let you know.

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