Fast Food Lawyer Should Take His Own Advice, Do Some Research

Appearing on CNN’s “Crossfire,” John Banzhaf tripped over his own rudeness. Here’s the exchange after co-host Tucker Carlson suggested that a fat tax would “be impossible to implement fairly.”

BANZHAF: They did it in Sri Lanka two years ago. Wake up.
CARLSON: Really? OK. Sri Lanka. I’m sorry I missed that.
BANZHAF: Yes. You ought to do some research before you come out and shoot your mouth off

Trial lawyers rarely win prizes for being polite, so we’ll let the rudeness pass. Unfortunately for Banzhaf, however, he didn’t live up to his own standards. Speaking of a fat tax, Banzhaf said: “it’s being proposed in Britain — the British Medical Association (BMA) wants a 17.5 percent tax.”


It’s true that the BMA floated the idea of such a tax (we told you about it last week), but the plan was rejected at least three days before Banzhaf went on the air. The BMA’s public health committee debated the fat tax and “the motion was overwhelmingly defeated by doctors.”

John Banzhaf, heal thyself.

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