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Quote Of The Week

CCF Executive Director Rick Berman testified before Congress yesterday on a bill that would prevent frivolous lawsuits blaming restaurants for making people obese.

Also testifying was frivolous lawsuit manufacturer, John Banzhaf. Notice how Banzhaf stops just short of saying that he’ll sue ordinary people for being fat:

If they [restaurants] are a significant contributor [to obesity], they should be held liable for their fair share. If the parents, if the children, if the adults, whatever, are responsible for another, they should be held lia — [pause]

While Banzhaf was able to stop himself before saying that parents should be sued for allowing their children to become overweight, it’s clear what was on his mind. His twisted worldview calls for a lawsuit in response to just about everything. Why not sue mom and dad?

Or perhaps he finally recognizes that we should all take personal responsibility for our diets, and that parents have an important role to play in their children’s eating habits. Welcome to planet earth, Mr. Banzhaf.

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