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If you wanted the skinny on the misnamed Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), you could always visit Now you can also check out the new and improved profile of CSPI, the nation’s leading group of dietary scolds, on our award-winning ActivistCash website.

This latest release delves deeply into CSPI’s multiple motivations, including control over your dinner plate; taking the enjoyment out of dining out; and (of course) making money. Learn about this so-called Center for Science and its repeated offenses against good science. Take a gander at CSPI’s financials. And see how CSPI is connected at the hip to a gaggle of other activist groups. Here’s a taste of what awaits you:

“CSPI co-founder Michael Jacobson considers caffeine such a blight on civilization that he complains about people socializing over coffee. Unsurprisingly, he suggests that Americans patronize a ‘carrot juice house’ instead. CSPI’s in-house food policies are so strict that Jacobson once reportedly intended to get rid of the office coffee machine — until one-third of his 60 employees threatened to quit.”

“The thousands of readily available and relatively inexpensive food offerings we enjoy today are for CSPI something to lament. ‘People tend to eat most healthily during hard times,’ Jacobson has argued. ‘Heart disease plummeted in Holland and Denmark during the most severe food shortages of World War II. Records of English manors in the 1600s reveal that the peasantry feasted on perhaps a pound of bread, a spud, and a couple of carrots per day.’ And that, to Jacobson is ‘basically a wonderfully healthy diet.’ Yum.”

“‘If children have healthy foods available, they’ll eat healthy foods. If they have unhealthy foods available, they’ll eat those…Animals will do the same thing when put in a cage.'” So says Kelly Brownell, a long-time member of the Center for Science in the Public Interest’s scientific advisory board, who has co-authored numerous articles with CSPI co-founder Michael Jacobson. CSPI believes that the American people act like animals who have to be poked and prodded — or scared, taxed, and restricted — into eating a healthy diet. It’s no surprise that CSPI’s public-policy arm selected the motto ‘Because it takes more than willpower.'”

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