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Quotes Of The Week

This week we couldn’t pick just one winner, so Australian Prime Minister John Howard and self-help guru Dr. Phil McGraw each take home half the prize.

When asked if overweight citizens Down Under should have to pay extra taxes (members of parliament had actually proposed this idea) Prime Minister Howard responded: “Well I think that’s ridiculous … That degree of big brotherism I could not support.”

Meanwhile, television’s favorite daytime psychologist Dr. Phil, who has been on a fitness kick lately, became the voice of reason in the obesity debate. In the midst of loony theories about target=_blank>food addictions, the mind-controlling power of advertising, and everything short of leprechauns being the cause of American obesity, Dr. Phil’s voice rings clear:

I know exactly why diets fail … diets fail because people don’t have a system in place when they’re not in the mood to stick with a plan. Obesity is a choice. You’re fat because you want to be.

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