Anti-PETA Ads Win Popular Acclaim

Last week the Fox News Channel aired two Center for Consumer Freedom commercials skewering People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for its association with terrorism and other violence. We have received hundreds of email responses from the general public — almost all of them positive — and we wanted to share a few with you. Some were personal, from people with direct experience dealing with animal rights terrorism. Others were from animal lovers and vegetarians who detest PETA for casting them in a bad light. But most were from ordinary Americans whom PETA has managed to anger and alienate over the years.

The following note comes to us from a retired college professor who was targeted by animal rights lunatics:

“I was very pleased — moved almost to the point of tears — when I saw your ads against PETA last night on Fox TV (I really liked the one showing Rod Coronado!) … I myself am a former scientist, who considered himself one of the top 10 targets in the country of an animal rights attack for the past 25 years … The biggest problem we face is ignorance of what and who PETA are. Your ads are a Godsend — and are what prompted me to contribute my $25 to your cause. Go you!”

The next message came from a Los Angeles firefighter:

“When [radical activists] bomb or commit arson of a structure that’s their target, firefighters that respond and attempt rescues and firefighting operations can and have been killed for their cause … Firefighters enter the burning structure to rescue anyone or even animals, then in a week we all attend funerals!!! Yes people should know about these VERY DANGEROUS PEOPLE. Thank you.”

The next batch of emails came from people who care a great deal about the welfare of animals, but oppose PETA and its overbearing tactics:

“Thank you very much for your campaign against the actions of PETA. As a vegetarian I hate to see PETA get so much media attention for their ’causes.’ I think it gives us ‘normal’ vegetarians a bad name. Thanks again!”

“I just wanted to applaud your organization for taking a stand against PETA. I am an animal lover and a member of the ASPCA. Organizations like PETA cast an evil shadow over peaceful animal lovers everywhere! For many years now I have been outraged, shocked and annoyed at PETA and their actions, as well as shocked that they continue to receive tax-free funding from ignorant citizens across this country. I am so very happy to see an organization such as yours take the time, and spend the money, to educate people about the real PETA and their activities.”

“THANK YOU for having the intestinal fortitude to run the ads telling about the real PETA. Most responsible pet owners and rescuers know what they are really about but it’s hard for us to run TV ads. We are a small group compared to PETA but detest what they stand for.”

“Thank you so much for bringing the reality of extremist, radical, terrorist organizations like PETA to the masses. They do more damage and hurt organizations that are out there trying hard to do some real good. They make it so much harder for us to get the support from communities. All of us volunteers, dedicated to animal welfare thank you.”

And then there were these notes from people who simply can’t stand PETA and heard their own voice in our commercials:

“I was so blown away by your ads which I saw on Fox News last night that I was happy to make a small contribution. Keep up the good work!”

“My mouth dropped to the floor when I saw your tv commercial about PETA. I was shocked. Finally someone is fighting back. I am tired of these wacko groups trying to control our lives. Keep it up, I love what you are doing by exposing some of these groups for what they really are.”

“I’m still trying to pick my jaw up off of the floor. FINALLY, a campaign has sought to spread the TRUTH about groups like PETA. They seek only to promote their own twisted agenda — consumer freedom and individual rights be damned. I could type for hours and not begin to express my appreciation for what [the Center for Consumer Freedom] is doing. Kudos to you!”

“I was so happy to see your commercial re: the violent acts committed by PETA members. It was the first time that I have seen these people challenged. I have made a donation and sent your website to everyone on my list.”

“I saw one of your ads/PSA’s last week and whooped with joy! At last, someone with clout is speaking out against PETA. Congratulations!”

“It is about time someone truly takes a stand to expose PETA & PCRM for what they really are, and even better that we are starting to see things on the television … You are doing a great job, and you have the gratitude of millions of Americans for taking such a stand!”

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