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This is one funeral Canadians will be happy to attend. Yesterday the Toronto Star proclaimed Ontario’s dreaded fat tax “dead.” Tens of thousands of angry Ontario residents formed a groundswell of opposition to their government’s proposed eight percent tax on all restaurant meals cheaper than four dollars. Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty gave this misguided scheme a proper eulogy, putting the fat tax lie to rest:

What I’ve decided is that instrument was crude and would not serve its intended purpose, which would be to encourage healthier eating habits.

Amen. Hallelujah. Pass the duty-free cheeseburgers.

Our nation’s own fat tax zealots are likely mourning Ontario’s failed attempt to burden people with a levy on “convenient, accessible, good-tasting” food. For shoulders to cry on, they may turn to global bureaucrats at the World Health Organization, whose own call for fat taxes was rejected by developing nations as unscientific and
“not worthy of serious consideration.”

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