CCF Ad-vises Newsweek Readers: PETA’s After Your Child

Marci Hansen, “youth marketing manager” at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), recently complained to the Lowell Sun in Massachusetts that when it comes to her group’s efforts to mold children into anti-meat militants, “Parents are tough.” They’re especially tough when, as Hansen concedes, parents see PETA’s animal-rights creed as “a stage, or a way to rebel.” And when your job is to go behind parents’ backs to reach their kids, that job is tougher still. In our latest advertisement — running in the back-to-school section of the latest Newsweek — we ask parents: “What is PETA teaching your child?” Click here to view this full-page ad, which exposes the violent and graphic materials PETA gives to children in a sick attempt to circumvent parents.

As we’ve told you before, PETA funds and operates an extensive campaign to bypass parents and indoctrinate their children. Parents should know:

PETA camps outside holiday performances of The Nutcracker and other shows to force a gruesome “comic” (see adjacent) into the hands of unsuspecting youngsters.

The radical group distributes “Buckets of Blood” to children outside middle schools, high schools, and KFC restaurants. According to the Associated Press, these grotesque handouts are filled with “fake blood and bones, a bloodied plastic chicken and a cardboard caricature of a blood-spattered Colonel Sanders holding a butcher knife toward a terrified-looking chicken.”

PETA activists wait outside schools, propagandizing kids with misleading anti-dairy trading cards as they walk home. The cards depict children suffering debilitating illnesses and embarrassing conditions, supposedly as a result of drinking milk. PETA’s campaign is “based on sensationalism” and “a real tragedy,” according to registered dietitian Deanna Rose. “It targets teenagers who really are calcium deficient and need to drink their milk.”

PETA brags that last year alone it reached 2.3 million children and teachers with warped messages such as these. If you have a story about PETA targeting your child, click here to tell us about it.

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