Famous Lobster Liberator Pinched By Police

In an effort to take away the saltwater half of your Surf and Turf, the radicals at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) operate an entire website dedicated to “lobster liberation,” including practical “Tips for Releasing Lobsters.” Doing his part for this crazy crustacean cause, “Terminator 2” child actor and long-time PETA activist Edward Furlong was arrested in a drunken stupor Wednesday after trying to release live lobsters from a Kentucky grocery store’s tank. As we’ve reported before, Furlong’s PETA-related troubles are nothing new.

PETA Education Director Jacqueline Domac, the staffer in charge of PETA’s outreach to children, began an affair with Furlong when he was 16 and she was 30. As we told you in July, Domac started as Furlong’s on-set tutor, later expanding her role to include managing his acting career. At the end of what Domac herself called a “quasi-spousal” relationship, she sued the actor for 15 percent of his earnings, alleging breach of contract. Incredibly, she’s still employed as a health teacher at the Los Angeles-area high school Furlong once attended.

With his intoxicated excursion into “lobster liberation,” Furlong is a perfect example of what we document in our new report, “Your Kids, PETA’s Pawns.” PETA’s game plan is to recruit young children and teens into exactly the kind of illegal activism that put Furlong behind bars last week. His indoctrination may have begun with Domac’s direct intervention, but other kids are approached in more subtle ways. PETA has an entire website dedicated to encouraging “lobster lib,” including a computer game meant to hook children on the idea.

If you enjoy lobster, PETA is just one of many antagonists who want you to cease and desist — by any means necessary. In May, the international “Lobster Liberation Front,” (LLF) declared war against lobster fishermen — carrying out an attack on a boat house in which the “front was ripped off of the building, and the 30 lobster pots inside were cut apart, and crushed with large boulders.” The thieves and vandals offered the taunting message: “We will attack anywhere, at any time, and pots will be smashed, boats sunk, and sea life liberated.”

Closer to home, last year a contingent from the terrorist Animal Liberation Front (ALF) snuck into the parking lot of a Chicago seafood distributor and cut the four brake lines on all but two of the company’s 40-truck fleet. That attack endangered not only live lobsters, but also the human drivers — not that PETA makes any distinction. PETA’s official position on attacks like this one is best summed up by PETA president Ingrid Newkirk, who has told the New York Daily News: “I will be the last person to condemn ALF.”

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