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Reaction To ‘Soup Nazi’ Ad

Since we unveiled our humorous new TV ad featuring the “Soup Nazi” actor from Seinfeld, we’ve been overwhelmed by comments. Most have been positive. But a few have come from folks rabidly dead-set against the notion of personal responsibility. Click here to watch our ad again, and keep reading for samples of your praise, as well as comments from our cantankerous (and sometimes a little nasty) critics.

From: Esther
Subject: Congratulations
Comments: Dear CCF, It’s about time somebody has the courage to stand up to the crazy activists. Bravo!!! … Where does it end, if these people aren’t stopped now??? Thank You.

Comments: Anyone who is standing up for people getting fat and getting diseases for lack of healthy choices and bad ingredients should get a clue that they are evil!!!. I want consumer freedom, I want freedom from junk food that people should NEVER EAT. You PEOPLE SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

From: Dawn
Subject: Reality
Comments: What I do worry about — and maybe you should to — is that if there is ever a horrible day when this country is invaded by an enemy or attacked again like it was on 9/11, how are we going to protect the country when 90% of the population is too fat to even move? After all, the terrorists aren’t fat.

From: Gary
Subject: All Y’all
Comments: … A recent study has shown some of the crap being sold is as addictive as cocaine. Y’all should be embarrassed. I have four sisters. Close to a half-ton of sisters. They didn’t choice to weigh 250 pounds. They been exposed to products that put them where they are now, without the knowledge to avoid their current state. Yes, they are addicted. I’d like to think there is a special place in hell for you and yours.

From: kellie

Subject: big brother
Comments: So, who didn’t know this movement would evolve after the anti-tobacco big win? I remember saying to my friends and family way back then that if ‘they’ were allowed to ban, tax, otherwise demonize smoking in the name of health…food would be next! Presumably there really is no end to those who want to force a collectivist society on us.

From: Rebecca
Subject: I’m MAD and I don’t mean MADD
Comments: I saw your commercial. It’s so great. I have been mad about this for a long time. What can we do???? I am so sick of the do-gooders and the Gladys Kravitz of the world who think they have to watch out for my best interests.

From: Daniel
Subject: Wish you success…
Comments: I hope you are successful in blocking what is really a trial lawyer entrepreneurial campaign, pure and simple.

From: michael
Subject: obesity
Comments: Obesity is totally unattractive and disgusting. Why don’t you put your energy into something more productive … I would never date a fat girl and if my wife, for example, were to become fat years after we married i think that should be grounds for divorce and I should receive allomoney.

From: christine
Subject: food police
Comments: Thank you for taking a stand against the “food police” — I for one am soooo fed up (no pun intended) with someone always telling me what I may, or may not do, or eat … What next, parents being accused of child abuse for having an over weight child? This MUST stop.

Comments: It makes me sick to see adults walking around so disgustingly fat. But more tragic is these fatsos are abusing their children by making them grotesquely overweight by continuing these bad eating habits with their children. I believe this is a form of child abuse and i wish they could be prosecuted.

From: Adrienne
Subject: Obesity
Comments: FINALLY!! There’s a forum that has not lost “common sense” on the subject of obesity. Obesity is not a disease …

From: gerald
Subject: new commercial
Comments: Your commercials are on target, thank you! Here’s an idea; a class action lawsuit against everybodies grandmother? Eat! Eat! finish your plate! just a little left in the pot, have some more! And the way they cook, all that fat!

From: elizabeth
Subject: thoughts on food
Comments: I raise my grandaughter in Texas — These new food laws are ridiculous. She can get detention for even sharing a potato chip with her friends … I will say obesity is a problem but to discipline a child at school for eating certain food will only make them hate going to school. What they eat is not going to determine their job potential but reading writing and math will — let’s put the focus where it belongs and leave raising the kids to their parents thank you

From: Laura
Subject: McKids
Comments: What do you propose we do with these disgustingly obese kids? I’m a firm believer in personal responsibility but let’s face the reality of American society today — many people are NOT responsible. Many do a lousy job of raising their kids. When I was in K-12 25 years ago there was usually 1 fatty in the class. Now there are 5-6 in each class and a few of those aren’t just chubby — they are partially disabled by their own rolls of fat.

From: Kimberly Clark
Subject: Ten Dumbest Food Cop Ideas
Comments: I have to say that it is refreshing to see this website. I have been browsing and reading much of what you have to offer in regard to fighting the food police. I just hope more will realize that as individuals we have to be accountable to ourselves, and not for anyone else.

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