PETA’s Blonde, Buxom Brain Trust

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has added reality-TV personality Anna Nicole Smith to its roster of “spokespeople,” which already includes fellow Playboy playmate Pamela Anderson. Posing for a new PETA billboard, Smith — whose “illiteracy is striking,” according to a federal judge — joins an animal-rights celebrity brain trust with a combined I.Q. that is just high enough to rival Forrest Gump’s.

While Anderson appeals to our animal instinct, she’s not a stickler for consistency. In a July editorial, The Wall Street Journal blasted her hypocritical support of PETA. Even as Anderson is busy raising money to help cure hepatitis, PETA campaigns against that very research. And though Anderson has fronted PETA’s anti-leather campaign for years, she sported a chest-to-toe leather outfit in the film “Barb Wire.”

Anna’s new anti-fur ad suggests “gentlemen prefer fur-free blondes.” If you ask us, gentlemen also prefer someone who can complete full sentences. Smith should consider the real agenda of a group before lending out her image. PETA’s radical mission is “total animal liberation” — the end of the use of animals for food, medicine, clothes, and even pets. Smith has three pet dogs and challenged her TV co-“stars” to a PETA-loathed contest of gorging on pizza (remember: cheese is from cows) until the loser “barfs.”

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