PCRM’s ‘Public Service’ Steals Meat Off Your Table

While the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) works hard to disguise its animal-rights agenda — it’s the group that the New York Times reported “has a PETA link” because it shares resources with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) — it has finally come clean about its goal of stealing meat off your plate. And they’ve done it on video, no less! In one of three new “public service announcements,” a voiceover pushes “vegetarian foods” while PCRM representatives go into a small restaurant and — against the protest of the employees — make off with any meat products, to be replaced with only vegetables. At the end of the ad, one labcoat-clad actor swipes a customer’s burger right off the table. While it may have been an unsuccessful attempt at humor, pilfering our choices is precisely what food scolds across the country want to do.

PCRM’s second ad claims: “The most dangerous thing our kids have to deal with today isn’t drugs. It isn’t violence. It’s unhealthy food.” Most parents would disagree. For a more informative spot, click here to see our ad on the dangers of violent animal-rights activists.

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