Father to PETA: Hands Off My Kid!

Paul Johnston of Middletown, Delaware is one ticked-off parent. And with good reason. As the Middletown Transcript reports, Johnston’s daughter — a student at Louis L. Redding Middle School — came home from school last week with a propaganda booklet and magazine from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). The PETA materials, it turns out, were part of the official classroom teaching. “I thought it was totally inappropriate for something like this to even be thought of being in the curriculum,” Johnston told a reporter. We couldn’t agree more.

The Center for Consumer Freedom has written to Dr. Sue Dutton (the principal of the young Johnston girl’s school), along with the members of the local school board, asking them to reconsider putting their stamp of approval on PETA propaganda. A sampling from our letter:

The debate shouldn’t be about whether animal welfare is a valuable thing to teach. No one, after all, wants to endorse cruelty to animals. But it’s equally irresponsible to lend a school’s imprimatur to the teachings of a group that values lab rats over human children, believes giving milk to kids constitutes “child abuse,” actively recruits an “army of animal rights rebels” in and around schools, encourages children to regard their non-vegetarian parents as “murderers,” and has even funded the operations of arsonists and other violent felons.

Administrators in Mr. Johnston’s school district will also receive copies of “Your Kids, PETA’s Pawns,” the Center for Consumer Freedom’s report detailing PETA’s plan to indoctrinate millions of American children behind their parents’ backs. Skeptical? PETA activists appeared outside a Wisconsin middle school at 7:30 this morning, handing anti-chicken trading cards to young kids as they walked to school.

Parents: If your child brings home animal-rights propaganda materials (often masquerading as “humane education” booklets), drop us a note and tell us your story. We’ll be happy to educate your school administrators.

Teachers and other education professionals: Printed copies of “Your Kids, PETA’s Pawns” are available to you free of charge. Just let us know where to send them.

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