‘PCRM Week’: Happy Birthday To An Animal-Rights Icon

We conclude a week of examining the misnamed Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) by wishing the PETA-affiliated group a Happy 20th Birthday. This morning’s edition of The Express (The Washington Post‘s commuter edition) included our full-page message of congratulation. And we’ve also launched a new website (www.PhysicianScam.com) to track the activities of this animal rights group that poses as a mainstream medical charity.
This week we’ve taken an in-depth look at PCRM’s connections to the violent wing of the animal-rights movement. We’ve examined the group’s animal-rights-motivated crusade to remove milk and cheese from the American diet. We’ve replayed a bit of history, detailing how the American Medical Association (a group which, unlike PCRM, actually does speak for the medical profession) has condemned PCRM in the past. And we even did our part to help PCRM celebrate, designing a series of commemorative "cruelty-free" T-shirts.
We don’t expect PCRM to slow its attacks on airport food, school lunches, lifesaving biomedical research, or the health benefits of eating fish. We doubt its leader, Neal Barnard, will back away from his claim that meat and cheese are addictive drugs. And it’s unlikely that Barnard will stop leveraging the public hysteria over obesity into a starring role for his ridiculous meat-is-evil message. But when PCRM tries to pull the (synthetic) wool over Americans’ eyes, we’ll be there to call them on it. Visit www.PhysicianScam.com for the latest news about this animal-rights wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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