PETA Kills Animals, And The Troops Are Restless

Our newest website, (as well as the Times Square billboard announcing it), has apparently caused a stir in the ranks of animal rights activists. Over 500,000 people have visited the site since its launch five weeks ago — among them some die-hard PETA supporters. At least they were PETA supporters.

PETA’s own members-only message board in Louisville, Kentucky has been abuzz lately with a discussion of our disturbing findings. One activist writes:

My Grand Son brought this site to my attention, if what they put forth is true it is very disturbing 5 animals a day killed at PETA HQ??? Can this be true?

Bruce Friedrich, the PETA campaign director best known for advocating arson in the service of animal “rights,” fired back:

Where do people think animals go when you bring them to the shelter and there are not enough homes for them? Our euthanasia rate is lower than most shelters … I am amazed at our placement rate!

But judging from the reports PETA filed with the state of Virginia, the group only placed 14 percent of its animals in adoptive homes during 2003, killing 85 percent (rounded figures). By comparison, consider two shelters close to PETA’s headquarters. In that same year, the Norfolk SPCA placed 73 percent, and the Virginia Beach SPCA had a 66 percent success rate.

A follow-up posting from the Louisville contributor takes PETA to task for spending its riches on cheap publicity stunts while apparently ignoring the flesh-and-blood animals entrusted to its care:

… I would think that PETA would endeavor to be the shining light, but no. And Bruce I don’t give up animals to the local shelter and I do live in a rural area. Difference is I give a damn about them … You don’t. You shout about the chickens but apparently when it comes down to the grunt work it’s easier to just kill em.

You people are sick. You are going to tell us that with your network you can’t place the critters that come to your door?? COME ON. I place them in a rural environment and you can’t?? You are either a fraud or just a bunch of [expletive deleted]

Louisville isn’t the only place where disillusioned former PETA supporters are coming out of the woodwork. We’ve received countless e-mails about our website, including these gems from thoughtful Americans who will be using the next PETA fundraising letter to line their bird cages.

From “Linda”:

Being an animal activist myself, I was extremely mortified to find out, years ago, that PETA actually advocates the wholesale slaughter of feral cats. I have written them personally to ask about it and found it to be true. This is certainly not an example of “ethical” treatment of animals.

From “Taysia”:

Wow, I’m so glad I was told to go to this site. I am absolutely disgusted at PETA and I’m disappointed at myself for ever going along with them. Thank you for opening my eyes.

From “Dalton”:

I am very concerned after reading your PETA article. I have donated to them in the past, not knowing they were killing animals … If what you say is true no more donations from me.

From “Tracy”:

I have been a member of PETA for many years, and the story I just read on your site is very disturbing … [T]hey will never get another cent from me.

And from “Antonie”:

When this gets out [PETA’s] support will go down fast.

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