Animal Lovers Fed Up With Scandal-Dogged PETA

Since People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) employees Adria Joy Hinkle and Andrew Cook were charged June 16 with 31 counts each of felony animal cruelty for allegedly killing and dumping as many cats and dogs, our inbox has been flooded with emails from outraged visitors to our website Several disgusted animal lovers wrote in to tell us their own PETA horror stories.

Jay writes:

My mother sent 17 cats with Adria (one of the people arrested) in March of this year. She has been contacted by the police as her cats may also have been disposed of in this manner after PETA assured her the cats would be fostered until adopted. In the past few days she has tried to contact PETA for the adoption records of her cats, and her calls are not being returned.

Randy writes:

In April, Ms. Adria Hinkle trapped and killed a lovely, healthy cat named Pretty Face at a local business. PETA refused to return the cat to me, though they had no authority to trap or keep the cat.

Kelsea writes:

One year ago next month, Adria Hinkle’s “team” trapped my family pet, a neutered male that we greatly love, on private property. Five days later we found our pet, with the help of a gentleman that witnessed the traps. Our pet was at the Virginia Beach SPCA registered under a false name and the wrong sex — they had him listed as a female! We were told he was about to be euthanized. Thank the Lord we got him just in time.

Ginger writes:

Those of us in the rescue community here are at a distinct disadvantage because PETA runs the only low-cost spay/neuter clinic in our area. That is what has kept us from going public. But now, with this breaking story, we are talking about contacting the press with what we know. PETA has it in their power to be the greatest thing that ever happened to the animals. Instead, they are often the animals’ worst nightmare.

Here are a few additional choice emails from others outraged by PETA’s actions. Looking at the group’s annual animal-control statistics, Aalan observed something unusual:

Somehow they [PETA] have no animals at the end of the year. I thought that animal adoptions were pretty much a 365 day a year thing. Evidently they euthanize everything in the shelter so they can all go out for New Year’s Eve.

Polter writes:

Well, I just finished looking over your site. I must say, I’ve always wondered why the e [for “ethical”] is lower-case in PeTA. Question answered. Keep up the good work.

Meaghan writes:

I have always been a devoted animal lover and I support my local animal shelter — not a cent goes to PETA. They had always annoyed me with their protests, etc., but it was another thing when I found out how many animals they killed! I would love to see their organization shut down.

Mona writes:

Keep up the good work in exposing this radical group for what they are … a bunch of nuts. I am against animal cruelty in any form but I cannot stand duplicity from a self-righteous group like this.

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