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Animal rights activists, who often put the needs of lab rats ahead of humans, have been known to use words like “ethical” and “responsible” loosely. Normally the PETA-affiliated Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) hides its animal-rights agenda by scaring consumers away from meat and dairy under the guise of nutrition and “responsible” medicine. Now, responding to the fallout from Hurricane Katrina, the group has once again revealed its true agenda by urging federal disaster response teams to redirect their focus from human needs to animal rescue.

PCRM issued a press release on Friday, quoting member Stephen Stigers:

[H]uman needs are now being addressed. Most victims are receiving appropriate medical care. The big problem now is the animals; many are being left to die from thirst and starvation.

Really? Half of New Orleans remains flooded, the search for the dead continues, and as of Sunday, there were about 150,000 evacuees still in shelters across the nation.

As we pointed out last week, PCRM’s first press release responding to the crisis criticized relief workers for “forcing evacuees to choose between their possessions and their companion animals” and warned that leaving pets behind is against the law in Louisiana. Compared to real human health charities such as the American Medical Association and AmeriCares, which are urgently alleviating human suffering, PCRM seems more concerned about animals than people.

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