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Wootan’s Clan Crashes School Parties

If the food cops at the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) have their way, you might as well put the kibosh on your kids’ cupcakes and put their ice cream on ice. That’s because an increasing number of schools are banning the time-honored tradition of bringing in treats to school to celebrate birthdays.

Citing CSPI Nutrition Director Margo Wootan’s whining, The Washington Post reports that there is:

…a movement across the Washington area and the country to take the battle against childhood obesity to one of education’s most beloved functions: the school party. But some are worried that the fight is going one step too far — and taking some of the fun out of being a kid.

Calling this movement absolutely absurd, we told the Post: “The occasional treat is not going to cause what has been termed an obesity epidemic … This is a hysterical response to a legitimate problem.”

As we’ve said before, Texas Agricultural Commissioner and self-described “food czarina” Susan Combs has already issued a state-wide edict banning birthday treats and preventing students from sharing certain foods in the state’s schools. The Post reports:

But a backlash was so strong that Combs soon issued a clarification that allowed students to bring cupcakes and other sweet treats for their classes on their birthdays. Texas legislators drove the point home by unanimously passing a bill, dubbed the “cupcake amendment,” which ensured that baked goods remained legal.

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