Promoting Racism At PETA?

On Tuesday night, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) used its teen-themed “blog” to link to material that strayed unusually far from the group’s typical save-the-chickens rhetoric. The link pointed to a speech in which Kamau Kambon, a recent North Carolina State University faculty member, advocated black-on-white racial violence. Teen web surfers who followed PETA’s link were taken to a video of an October 14 presentation at Howard University Law School, during which Kambon insisted: “We have to exterminate white people off the face of the planet.

Click here to watch the bizarre race-baiting rant that PETA thought was worth advertising. Two minutes into his speech, Kambon discusses his 30 years of veganism; five minutes later, he outlines his violent “solution” to U.S. racial tensions. (PETA removed the link on Thursday morning, but we archived the original — click here and see page 2.) And in case you think PETA didn’t know what it was promoting, consider that the page it linked to is titled “Kill all white people?” [Warning: the page in question contains nudity, but this didn’t seem to bother PETA.]

This isn’t the first time PETA’s animal-rights tunnel vision has exposed the group to charges of racial insensitivity. This year a racially charged traveling PETA exhibit called “Animal Liberation” was temporarily abandoned — and then started up again — after complaints from newspaper editorial boards and the NAACP. “Animal Liberation” visually compares lynched African Americans with livestock animals, in the same way PETA’s earlier “Holocaust on Your Plate” exhibit equated chickens and pigs with the Jewish victims of Hitler’s Holocaust.

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