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A Fish Story You Can Actually Believe

We recently received an e-mail from David, a reader who had fallen victim to scare-mongering over mercury in fish. There are over a dozen activist groups committed to spreading mercury poisoning myths, and the best antidote is truth. After visiting, David told us his own story of doubt and redemption:

[C]anned tuna fish was an important part of my diet for many years. It is an excellent source of protein, and quick and easy to prepare, and tastes great. A few years ago my wife’s uncle, WWII veteran and still a deer hunter, shared the mercury scare news with me and I curtailed eating tuna.

It is a testament to the effectiveness of the environmentalists’ propaganda that rugged outdoorsmen, who otherwise are aware of the outrageously false claims environmentalists make (and the unnecessary constraints we endure due to expensive and restrictive environmental regulations), can be persuaded now and again with spurious barrages of pseudo-science.

Six months ago I said damn the torpedoes. That’s when it occurred to me that all of that delicious tuna was still on supermarket shelves and there were no dead bodies piling up around the displays. There was no news about mercury-related deaths from canned fish; and if even one case could be exhibited, the media would portray it as a pandemic.

Heck, we would already be hearing about second-hand mercury death “statistics” that are risking the lives of relatives and neighbors of tuna eaters.

I will begin exploring your website and sharing the news.

Thanks for your story, David! Those who follow his lead and explore will soon discover just how thoroughly today’s fear-mongers have muddied the waters. The Food and Drug Administration’s newest measurements of mercury levels in fish only add to the mountain of evidence demonstrating that the health benefits of tuna and other fish far outweigh the largely imaginary health risks promoted by activist groups. With the average mercury level well below anything remotely problematic, no fish in the FDA’s most recent tests even came close to the actual level of concern.

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