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Food Cop Law And Order

In the social justice system, two separate yet equally obnoxious groups claim to represent the people: the food police, who push overblown hype and junk science; and greedy trial lawyers, who file frivolous lawsuits.

These are their stories. Dah-Dum.

Sadly, as our full page ad in today’s Boston Herald and new website points out, “Law and Order: Lunchline Victim’s Unit” might very well be NBC’s latest spin off. Of course, they’d probably put it up against CBS’s sure-to-be-hit “CSI: Food Marketing Investigations.”

The food cops at the Center for Science in the Public Interest and the Public Health Advocacy Institute have become the judge, jury and executioner. In just the last few months, activist groups have filed frivolous lawsuits against cereal manufacturers, milk companies, kids television stations, and others. But as they continue to crack down on our food choices, the Center for Consumer Freedom will keep poking fun at their laughable escapades, and highlighting common sense that is too often forgotten.

For instance, George Bullard, the Detroit News editorial page editor, issued a “laughable science alert” recently:

The New York Times reports that “Dr. (David) Ludwig is one of the authors of a study published this month in the journal Pediatrics showing a direct correlation between the consumption of soda and other sweetened beverages and weight gain in teenagers.”

Who knew? Drinking sugar water adds weight.

Actually, your mama knew, as does everybody else with a brain.

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