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Whale Of An Ad Fights Fallacious Fish Fears

If you’ve picked up this week’s U.S. News & World Report, then you’ve seen our new full-page ad addressing readers “concerned about mercury.” Masquerading as a pitch for scrumptious whale meat (“Huge Mammal Taste!”), the ad points out that the scaremongering over mercury in fish is based primarily on a study of diets featuring highly polluted whale meat. This research focuses on the natives of the North Atlantic Faroe Islands, who eat lots of whale. The study claims to have found a nearly imperceptible weakness in the mental development of some Faroese children, but the obvious explanation for this is the unique cocktail of pollutants heavily concentrated in whale meat and blubber.

Obvious? Yes, when the Faroese are compared to the Indian Ocean citizens of the Seychelles Islands, who don’t eat whale, but do eat ten times as much fish as the average American. After tracking 770 Seychelles children for nearly 16 years, scientists found that mercury exposure from eating fish produced no negative effects at all.

To see the new ad and learn more about the mercury-in-fish controversy, visit today.

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