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CCF Makes Unborn Children Smarter

We recently received a letter from Victoria, an expectant mother who spent some time this weekend exploring, our website dedicated to debunking the hype surrounding trace levels of mercury in fish. Her letter is too good not to share:

This site was great. I’m a pregnant woman who has been scared off tuna and other fish up until now. I particularly like your mercury calculator; it made me laugh when I saw I could eat 6 pounds of canned tuna a week and still not worry too much! (Right now I limit myself to 1 can every two to three weeks — that will change!) It was great to hear how the standards came about and to read about comparisons to populations in other countries. Thank you. I have enough other stuff to worry about.

We couldn’t agree more, Victoria. There are a good number of scientific studies indicating that children of women who ate high amounts of fish while pregnant actually perform better on some developmental tests. Recent findings from a landmark study of Seychelles Islanders support this conclusion as well.

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