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CCF Op-ed: Mercury Scares Mislead American Consumers

In the wake of last week’s Wisconsin-based international doom-and-gloom conference on mercury, we thought a bit of common sense was overdue. So we were pleased on Saturday when the Badger State’s largest newspaper, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, published our opinion column putting the whole thing in perspective. Here’s a sample:

How tiny are the traces of mercury in fish? University of Rochester scientists report in the New England Journal of Medicine that there haven’t been any clinical reports of fish-related mercury poisoning since the 1950s and 1960s … Two of the three most recent former U.S. Secretaries of Health and Human Services are now openly advising Americans to eat more fish. But environmental advocates will emerge from the great Madison mercury huddle with advice consisting of warning signs on what our mothers used to call “brain food.” We’d do well to ignore them.

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