Foie Gras Follies, Chicago-Style

Foie-gras-loving foodies in the City of the Big Shoulders are contemplating their options this morning, as their much-maligned duck liver is now officially contraband. Yesterday saw the enactment of the Chicago City Council’s ban on the luxury dish, which Mayor Richard Daley has labeled "the silliest law that they’ve ever passed." But a court challenge was also filed by a group of renegade chefs (click here to read the lawsuit), giving Windy City gourmands some hope, and providing joke writers with perhaps the first documented use of the phrase "renegade chefs."
Amid a torrent of glib quotables about Chicago becoming "tofu butcher to the world," two published comments stand out. Daley muses in this morning’s Chicago Tribune:

Why would they pick this and not anything else? How about veal? How about chicken? How about steak? Beef? How about fish? … [A]ll of a sudden, you can question any type, basically, anything that can be served in a restaurant. The poor snails and the mussels and the shrimp. I could go on and on. The lobsters.

And Chicago bartender David Brown told The Christian Science Monitor:

If you don’t like it, take a moral stand and don’t eat it. We’re in a city where there are numerous problems, and this is what they’ve decided to fix … We’re only one election shy of a city-wide bedtime.

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