Animal-Rights ‘Physicians’ Diet: Seven Lawsuits, No Sense

The latest ridiculous food lawsuit hit the fan last week in California, as the animal rights activists at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) sued seven restaurant companies for serving that horribly unhealthy food, grilled chicken. We’re not making this up. PCRM claims that eating grilled chicken subjects consumers (at least those in California) to an unreasonable cancer risk. Someone should tell the American Cancer Society, which advises consumers to choose “low-fat menu items such as a salad or grilled chicken sandwich” when dining out, and specifically recommends “grilled chicken” entrees for Americans who want to “eat light” at Mexican restaurants.

Not that we expected a PCRM lawsuit to stay within the bounds of common sense. The group most recently abused the scales of justice by suing the city of Washington for warning labels on another hazardous food — milk.

Thankfully, some media outlets aren’t buying what these animal-rights zealots are selling.

On Friday, noted radio talk-show host Dr. Dean Edell also shared our point of view with his radio audience, reading aloud from our press release on the air and calling PCRM’s claim of being a doctors’ group “bull.” Here’s just a sampling of Dr. Dean’s monologue:

Almost all the members of this group are not physicians. And I have seen every major news organization in this country get fooled. And they print this organization’s press releases as if they really were a physicians group concerned about your health … Here you go: That’s pretty cool. Will people realize that this phony physicians group is just PETA with a lab coat? So don’t be fooled, friends.

This week the Fox News Channel plans to broadcast interviews with the Center for Consumer Freedom and PCRM lawyer Dan Kinburn, who was last seen as a human easel for a People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) protest sign. Watch for us tonight and tomorrow.

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