New Jersey and D.C. Catch Trans Fat Ban Fever

The New York City Board of Health’s support for a restriction on the amount of trans fat that can be used by the city’s restaurants garnered them a few new acolytes today. And if the paternalistic rhetoric used by these newly inspired do-gooders is any indicator, the Big Apple’s chief food scolds better load up on robes and Kool-Aid, because the gathering of true believers is only going to get bigger.

As we told you yesterday, we’ve launched an ad campaign to act as an antidote to the trans fat ban fever. Given Americans’ natural inclinations to resist restrictions on their freedom, and the avalanche of derision nanny-state provisions have received in Chicago and Los Angeles, there’s no doubt that our consumer-choice message will find a receptive audience.

But — as always — there are those few overzealous lawmakers who can’t help telling us what to eat. One of them is New Jersey State Senator Ellen Karcher, who announced this morning that she’s introducing legislation that would outlaw trans fats in all of the Garden State’s restaurants. Lest we forget what inspired such a move, this is what she told the Newark Star-Ledger:

I was listening to [New York mayor] Michael Bloomberg last week, and I was thinking we could do something to really take a bite out of what is harming our bodies. We could do this by statute in New Jersey. New Jersey is primed.

Southward, Washington, D.C.’s Health Department is chomping at the bit to implement anti-trans fat regulations of their own. As the department spokeswoman Leila Abrar told The Washington Times, “New York’s idea and policy is sound.

If you want the real story on trans fat — as opposed to the overblown rhetoric and shaky statistics put forth by its most vocal opponents — visit

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